Media Mastermind Justin Hunte- Create Your Own Path

Justin Hunte is the Head of Video Production & Development for Ambrosia For Heads, and Director of Content and Strategic Marketing at Empire Distribution. Formerly Editor-in-Chief of HipHopDX, Hunte is the architect behind DX’s video platform and creator of popular series, #DXBreakdown. Hunte’s also a weekly contributor to Shade45’s All Out Show on SiriusXM.

In 2017, he participated in a debate at the prestigious Oxford Union on whether Kanye West is more relevant than William Shakespeare. A graduate of Wofford College, Hunte spent 5 years working at Bank Of America/Merrill Lynch.  He sacrificed a profitable investment banking career in order to follow his passion, with the goal of becoming the greatest Hip-Hop writer on the planet.  Hunte has since covered music, politics, and culture for numerous publications, and is a great example for anyone who has a dream and a vision, but is hesitant to take the necessary leap of faith.  Hopefully this episode inspires you to take the next step.

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Show Notes:

3:16 Justin was inspired to give up a profitable career in investment banking

8:54 The goal of being the greatest Hip-Hop writer of all time

11:21 Justin talks about the start of his on air experience

16:05 How Justin manifested his career as a writer

28:18 Living at the edge of your capabilities and growing

29:58 Why Master P is the most successful person Justin knows

33:49 The importance of failure

39:11 The impact of Martin Shkreli’s interview with Justin Hunte

47:51 Creating deeper long form content

54:27 People gravitate towards extremes

58:21 Justin took a job with Empire to learn more about the Industry inner workings

1:07:28 Do artists need to live in a metropolitan music hub?

1:12:09 How Justin responded to being fired from his volunteer job at Brooklyn Bodega

1:20:15 The importance of maintaining your faith during the hard times

1:22:48 Everything is achievable

1:36:54 How Justin would spend a $10,000 album release budget

1:45:43 Justin doesn’t allow money to dictate his decisions

1:46:36 The perfection of Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album

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