Creed Bratton Heading Back on the Road

Don’t miss Creed in your city next month!  He’s bringing his amazing music/ comedy hybrid show, and he probably won’t steal anything this time.

January 2018 Tour Dates:

January 17 Chicago, IL (Beat Kitchen)
January 18 Lafayette, IN (Lafayette Theater)
January 19 Cincinnati, OH (Mad Frog)
January 20 Indianapolis, IN (SkyBar)
January 21 St. Louis, MO (Fubar)
January 22 Lexington, KY (Cosmic Charlie’s)
January 24 Pittsburgh, PA (Rex Theater)
January 25 Baltimore, MD (Baltimore Soundstage)
January 26 Morgantown, WV (Mainstage)
January 28 Lancaster, PA (The Chameleon)


Creed Bratton- Never Stop Believing in Yourself

Creed Bratton is the lovable enigmatic old man from the hit TV show The Office, known for some of the show’s funniest one-liners. What fewer people know is that Creed also co-founded The Grass Roots, and was a huge rock star in the late sixties and early seventies.  For over four years, Creed and I have worked together very closely, traveling and playing shows all over the country, and I’ve been fortunate enough to get a rare glimpse into the real Creed, a passionate, caring, hilarious, and brilliant artist, father (and now grandfather), and friend.  I wanted to share the Creed I know with the Indie Playbook audience, so you can truly understand the commitment and sacrifice that goes into building and maintaining a successful career. And Creed’s done it both as a rock star and a successful actor, so listen up as he tells his unique story and drops gems along the way.

11:11 Everybody should go see the world if they can
11:26 Creed’s near death experiences
18:21 Meeting Warren Entner and starting The Grass Roots
21:35 How Creed’s vision and love for his art kept him from quitting during his toughest years
23:44 The moment a Rolling Stones song reenergized Creed when he needed it most
28:50 Why a fear of success can be more frightening than a fear of failure
31:32 What makes Producer Greg Daniels so special
32:28 Creed’s biggest lesson from working with The Office cast
33:39 Creed’s different income streams including
37:45 Why Creed considers Jeff Bridges such a great success
45:58 Creed starts each morning hanging upside down on an inversion table
49:30 How Creed maintains his energy and the benefits of fasting
51:00 Rejuvenating through Transcendental Meditation
53:45 The importance of note taking for high achievers

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