Artist/ DJ Hanif Wondir- Have Faith in Your Own Perspective

Hanif Wondir is a multi-talented artist, DJ, and graphic designer. He was voted “Best Club DJ” by readers of the Monterey County Weekly six times out of the last seven years. He is also the official DJ of the prestigious Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival. Hanif has toured the country and regularly performs up and down the west coast.

Because Hanif has made a living solely from his art for over ten years, he has great advice for all of you artists aspiring to support yourselves doing what you love.

Show Notes:

7:20 Competing for people’s attention online
12:48 Going down a rabbit hole to discover new music
21:13 Don’t try to be overly cool when you meet your idol
22:57 Have faith in your own perspective
27:45 Hanif’s brother always put him in dork check growing up
30:22 Have patience when taking in art and music
34:08 Capitalizing on every opportunity at the beginning of your career
39:55 Networking in a new market
43:25 Relate with people on a human level instead of asking what they can do for you
45:30 Build a following locally and then expand
54:25 Believe in your ability
1:04:23 Cut loose your loser homies
1:06:56 Sometimes putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation leads to your best work

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