Entrepreneur Josh Levine- Finding Your Own Style of Leadership

Josh Levine is yet another Indie Playbook guest with a wide range of experience in the music industry. Beginning as a journalist at the Source, XXL, Vibe, and URB among others, Josh went on to manage WC from The Westside Connection, and eventually created his own lane in the exciting world of culture-marketing. Many of you remember the Scion campaign that Josh created for Toyota, targeting a younger demographic through activations in nightlife, DJ, art, and street culture.

Levine is currently the CEO of Rebel Industries, where he has created numerous brand partnerships, including pairing Mazda and Mayer Hawthorne, Camarena Tequila with a number of incredible chefs, bringing 7UP into the EDM world, and much more.

First and foremost, Josh has great ideas and the ability to calmly navigate between the arts and the corporate world. But even so, success isn’t guaranteed, and Josh is a great example of hard work, dedication, and follow through. This is a great episode for young entrepreneurs, aspiring marketing moguls, and even artists. Check it out!

16:31 Going out to shows organically created friendships in the music industry
23:29 Say “Yes” to everything and figure it out as you go
25:32 As a journalist asking good questions, make sure you leave room for the answer
29:50 Managers need to be good leaders
33:27 Everyone has to find their own style of management
36:39 Ask more questions and confront the truth
37:16 Josh is surprised how much influence he is able to have in conversations with powerful people
38:44 Partnering with Urb Magazine create a street team business, and eventually an agency
41:10 Toyota tapped Josh to help them build a cool brand
49:17 Lesser known artists can bring more value to a brand because they have closer relationships with their fans
57:14 Why saying “I’ll do anything” is the wrong answer in an interview
1:03:55 Josh has learned to set the rules at the beginning of each working relationship
1:06:36 Morning routines can take care of your body and mind
1:11:00 What Josh did to start over after parting ways as WC’s manager
1:14:30 An important lesson from Tony Robbins
1:17:39 Why Josh started Rebel Radio
1:20:04 How a $10,000 album budget would be best spent
1:29:40 Important lessons from father to son

Check out this episode!

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